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virtual interactive whiteboard

The unique holos sphere at the back of the pen allows our proprietary software to predict accurately the exact position of the tip in 2D and 3D without any need for extra sensors in or near the tip.

This allows a design optimised exclusively for writing and pointing comfort and enables tracking with a single camera located anywhere in the room, no need for touch sensitive surfaces or wall-affixed sensor boxes. Even cameras in laptops, tablets or smart phones can be used for tracking.

The precision and cost effectiveness of our holos sphere tracking system has recently been proven to be high enough even for military grade Metrology applications.

a next generation presentation tool  

Highly accurate 2D and 3D interaction with any kind of display or projection are combined with flexibility and instant setup while retaining the light weight, ergonomic feel and touch of a normal pen and remaining highly competitive on cost.

Holos vIWB, hardware and software, are developed by, and are the Intellectual Property of Oxford AI Ltd.

Holos vIWB works as display independent mobile solution or can easily be integrated into any size and type of display or projector.

Our holos vIWB pen combines all functions of a high end interactive whiteboard, and more in a single handheld device !