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The HOLOS touch probe is a microscale precision, handheld tool that allows accurate measurement

of single point locations in space. The probe is tracked by a stereo camera system. The accuracy and range of this precision tool is variable according to the kind of camera and optics deployed in any particular HOLOS system.

The probe system, hardware and software, are developed by, and are the intellectual property of Oxford AI Ltd. Information about Holos metrology is also available as a pdf.

The probe tip location, used to define the xyz coordinates of the measurement, is inferred from the sphere at the rear of the probe.

The location and orientation of this sphere can be detected very accurately using proprietary software. The software analyzes the pattern of the rotationally symmetric banded sphere captured in the camera images to obtain very precise 3D measurements.

HOLOS technology (High-speed Object Location and Orientation Sensing) was initially developed to allow a single camera to keep track of the tip of an interactive stylus (see HOLOS vIWB) enabling virtual writing and drawing on any kind of display screen or projected image, even if the tracking camera is placed at arbitrary distances and angles to the screen and the tip itself is occluded by the holding hand.

The HOLOS detection algorithm is now specifically optimized for precision tracking under hard constraints such as blurring and low resolution web cameras, limited allowable computing power, requirement of high detection rates as well as low latency. Achieving high quality at competitive pricing for consumer market applications has been a primary driving factor in this HOLOS optimisation process. Optimised for precision under hard constraints such as utilisation of webcams with cheap optics and low resolution, the HOLOS system is phenomenally accurate under more favourable conditions.

By allowing the algorithm to use more processing power, upgrading the optics, and incorporating a second camera, the HOLOS software can achieve a level of 3D measurement accuracy with great potential for Metrology applications. HOLOS systems can offer a similar range and accuracy at lower cost, or alternatively, better accuracy and greater range at the same cost as potential rival systems already established in the market.